Stuart led the Clinical Safety movement in the NHS alongside some of the most prominent Clinical leaders for over 15 years. Over time, he’s refined NHS Clinical Safety & Risk Management Systems, re-authored NHS safety standards using plain English campaigns, and worked at the highest level to ensure core safety engineering principles are embedded in the NHS code of practice. These foundational principles will be the ones that lead health informatics for decades to come. 

His passion for driving at-scale improvement across the sector can be seen both in the UK and internationally. Stuart has led the development of ISO standards for health software (including medical devices) and continues to lead the emergence of standards in line with innovative digital health interventions. Stuart’s PhD studies at the Institute of Digital Healthcare (University of Warwick), are focused on clinical decision-supporting systems. This includes safety concepts for emerging technology & complementary regulatory frameworks as well as the inclusion of mobile health data into safer decision-making, exploring the lifecycle models of clinical decision support systems.

In his spare time, he can be found conducting research for his PhD, watching rugby, and weightlifting… not at the same time though, as that’s not in line with sensible safety regulations.

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