ETHOS champions the integration of safety and human-centred design at the outset of product development, recognising its critical role in simplifying regulatory and compliance processes upon deployment.

Our strategy emphasises the early incorporation of safety systems and understanding user needs through robust engagement methods. We collaborate with your team to establish thorough hazard identification and gather user feedback using diverse tools, aiming to pinpoint potential deployment challenges and risks. Our ethos is founded on the belief that a digital solution’s effectiveness is measured by its safety in clinical evaluations.

Beyond safety, we also focus on aiding commissioners in making informed decisions, supporting developers, and ensuring that procurement practices are effective. We advocate for measures of effectiveness that include equalities considerations, reliable data collection, quality and safeguarding, credibility with UK health and care professionals, and alignment with existing care pathways.

The ETHOS team brings expertise in various methodologies, including NHS England Large Scale Change and the NASSS framework, coupled with audit and service improvement strategies. Through critical research appraisal and data analysis, we guide the creation of products that are not only ready for deployment but are also safe and effective, meeting the highest standards of healthcare innovation.

Create a safe and effective product that’s fit for deployment

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