In the global landscape of health software, ETHOS prioritises Security, Safety, and Effectiveness as the foundational pillars of compliance. Our Information & Cybersecurity audits and reporting services are designed to safeguard your business’s information assets. Through comprehensive assessments, we identify vulnerabilities and non-compliances in your information systems, offering detailed reports with corrective actions and recommendations. Adhering to our guidance ensures alignment with international best practices and compliance with security standards.

Clinical Safety is vital for health software, necessitating clear evidence of harm minimisation. As leaders in international standards and NHS portfolio management, we stay abreast of industry advancements to ensure our evaluations reflect the latest recommendations.

Moreover, Digital Effectiveness is intertwined with security and safety within health software. We amalgamate various codes of practice and evidence standards frameworks to assess and report on the effectiveness of your digital health interventions. This effectiveness framework is central to our review and health check process, ensuring comprehensive evaluation.

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