At ETHOS, we are committed to working with providers, third-sector organisations, businesses, clinicians, and user groups, aiming to enhance safe and effective technology innovation and development.

Our expertise in securing funding across the UK’s clinical technology and innovation sectors enables us to collaborate effectively with universities, commercial entities, healthcare organisations, and charities.

Our strategic approach focuses on creating impactful innovations through:

  • A people-first methodology, connecting user groups, professional bodies, and educational institutions with our broad network both in the UK and globally.
  • Addressing priority sector needs promptly to improve care delivery.
  • Maintaining a challenge-driven perspective, addressing key national and international issues within our area of expertise.
  • Integrating safety from the outset and adding value to all projects.
  • Mitigating risks and ensuring effective deployment in complex settings.
Our collaboration could contribute a unique element to your next project

With experience in large-scale deployments, setting standards, agile product development, and working with diverse patient groups, ETHOS is committed to driving forward innovation on both national and international stages. We offer unique insights into user-centred design, clinical insights, and safety-focused innovation programmes.

For more information or to discuss your early-stage project confidentially, please contact us.