One of the exciting things about doing what we do is that we get to work with so many interesting partners. Our formal engagements are continuing to grow and so is ETHOS.

This month sees us bring Stuart Hall on board as a Clinical Safety Officer to look after a few of our engagements with digital health manufacturers in the NHS sector.

Our growth is steady and never overreaching, almost natural when people find out about what we do and how we do it, they partner with us and the rest is history. This month sees very active information security, clinical safety and also medical devices growth where we engage our virtual ETHOS services to our clients. Acting as regulatory leads, person responsible for regulatory compliance, clinical safety officer and critical friends we help SMEs grow without having to invest in full time resources. A by-product of this is we get to pass on our knowledge until we are no longer needed and share efficiencies in the often seen burdensome regulations we must align to.

Our next steps will be to solidify our team and we look forward to sharing this news as it happens.

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