NHSx has published the beta version of the Digital Technologies Assessment Criteria. So what will that mean for adherence to Clinical Safety standards DCB0129/0160?

NHS Digital launched the Digital Assessment Questionnaire, fondly known as the DAQ, to support a consistent approach to the assessment of apps now included in the NHS App Library. It was a large list of themes and questions but included the important foundational elements required for safe, secure and effective deployment of digital tools in the library.

It has been extended in use to include the NICE framework and in 2017 was supporting technical assessments of IAPTs by NICE/NHS England. The DAQ was refreshed by NHSx using cycles of review and consultation, and the result is a beta Digital Technology Assessment Criteria or DTAC for short.

It forms a baseline assessment to support validation of the suitability/function of digital health solutions for the NHS, care staff and directly by citizens, so its good news for the mandatory clinical safety standards.

The criteria are now focused on 5 discrete areas:

  • Clinical safety
  • Data protection
  • Technical assurance
  • Interoperability
  • Usability and accessibility

There are still significant challenges for startups and small digital health organisations trying to break into the market. The elements require a broad range of competencies and need a multi-disciplinary approach to create the required evidence. It is, however, easier to follow and we at ETHOS are looking forward to seeing the final version.

We provide subject matter expertise from across the domains so get in touch if we can provide a sounding board to help you prioritise areas for additional support. Email us at info@ethos.co.im

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