February brings welcome news to ETHOS from one of our core areas of subject matter expertise – clinical safety. The NHS Digital Information Representation Services awarded ETHOS the contract to lead Device Interoperability and Safe, Effective and Secure Health Software and Health IT Systems including regulated medical devices.

Collaborating with a long-term respected colleague and recognised international standards expert Melvin Reynolds we are excited to be able to continue influencing the safety aspects of health informatics.

BSI Information Systems Technology – Health Informatics (IST/35) is a technical committee of BSI, whose Secretariat and Chair of IST/35 is provided by NHS Digital. The purpose of IST/35 is to ensure that international Health Informatics Standards benefit health and social care across the UK. The Importance of IST/35 – IST/35 is the first port of call to ensure required, safe and relevant international standards for the healthcare services in the UK. It is an open Committee that seeks representation from a range of stakeholders, including vendors and collaboration with other standards organisations to achieve interoperability. Our co-founder Stuart Harrison is an expert member within the BSI standards community and UK representative within the ISO project leadership teams.

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